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Dedicated to the Earth we borrow and all those who care!
Nature is threatened each day of our lives, our Earth is constantly giving way to pavement and concrete, our lakes are being filled in, and all living things are compromised, even you and I.  The last standing obstacle in the way of this unfortunate pattern are the many organizations and their volunteers, along with their hard work.

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Please remember, our last hope is to Recycle !
The Sierra Club has been instrumental in preserving wilderness, wildlife and nature's most splendid wild places for over 100 years.   Other favorites I have followed are the Jane Goodall Institute, and Defenders of Wildlife.  The World Wildlife Fund and Nature Conservancy are also long standing fighters.  One of my favorites, the ASPCA Fights against animal abuse and stays close to home. 
Here are some other great ones, some of local interest, others well established and global in their efforts.
Since 1973 greenguerillas™ has helped thousands of people realize their dreams of turning vacant rubble-strewn lots into vibrant community gardens.   One of my local favorites, and probably the reason the Meadowlands in NJ has slowly been coming back is due on large part to the Hackensack River keepers. - Great work!
Other favorites are the Audubon Society  and
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