Rates and Info for the Wolf Cabin, Catskills Andes NY
Contact Info:
email: jorgeluis@miracleweb.com
201-406-8436 or 201-280-9808
Available June thru October: $325/weekends*, $500/wk (M-F)

HOLIDAYS upon request only. Different Rates apply
*Weekend rentals can arrive at 10 AM on Friday, and depart by 8PM on Sunday.

Preference to week-long rentals; no weekend rentals more than 3-4 wks in advance.
No more than 4 adults - or 2 adults Plus 2 kids- we apologize, but its best for both of us.  Country plumbing and other constraints are the limiting factors.
A pre-Rental $250 Deposit is required, and will be refunded provided there is no damage to the Cabin.
Your rental of the Cabin is confirmed when rental & deposit checks have been cleared & agreement has been signed.

Please see the section on All You Need to Know About the Wolf Cabin !


2 Bedrooms- 1 queen size bed,
2nd. Rm. has Futon Plus a full size bed
Living Room w/fireplace,
Eat in Kitchen w/electric stove and full size refrigerator

Garbage policy:
You will be required to take your garbage
with you. Unfortunately, it could lead to un-wanted
$50.00 will be deducted as per Rental Agreement
if garbage is left behind.  The cost of having someone come over and haul it away

Garbage and recyclables can be taken to the Andes town disposal just a short drive away on Wednesdays and Saturday mornings

Pet Policy: Pets are welcomed,  please refer to Pet Policy section in the Rental Agreement

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Pet Policy: Pets are welcomed,  please refer to Pet Policy section in the Rental Agreement

For further information, please email jorgeluis@miracleweb.com or margo@miracleweb.com

Call 201-406-8436 or 201-280-9808

All You Need to Know About the Wolf Cabin !
Getting Ready to Go:
It is advisable that your vehicle is driven in 4 wheel drive going done and up the driveway.  4 wheel drive should be used even in non-winter months.  Driveway is steep, but manageable in 4 wheel drive. 
PLEASE do not attempt to go down the driveway if you feel un-certain, we recommend that you leave your automobile on top of the driveway before it starts to slope down instead.  If you do drive down, please park in front of the shed.
Use the Key that was mailed to you in order to enter the Cabin.  Keys Will be mailed to you once the rental agreement is signed, and Fee and deposit are submitted.
PLEASE Leave Keys inside Cabin on Kitchen table once you are ready to depart.
Please note that we do not provide pillows, linens or towels so please make sure and bring your own.
There is one queen size bed, one full size futon, one full size sofa bed and two twin beds.
Water  - When you arrive you must turn on the water system. 
Step 1 - In the living room next to the TV you will find a door that leads to an electrical  panel.  Turn on the switch that reads cold water.  See notes on panel.
Step 2 - close all open faucets. (bathroom and kitchen)
Step 3 - In the bathroom behind the shower curtain you will find the water heater and bleed back system tank.  On the top right side  next to the small tank, you will see a small grey box with a lever you must slowly lift the lever up
Very important
(Wait until you see the water pressure go up to mid - point  you will hear the water tank filling up.)    Don't do anything else until its at least half full.
Step 4 - Go back to the electrical  panel and turn on the hot water switch.
Step 5 -  No you can open and run the kitchen and bathroom faucets as needed.  You should let them run to allow for the sediment to pass through.
Our water heater will support two reasonable showers at a time.  If you run out of hot water wait about 10-15 minutes for the next hot load.
Toilet -  This is a country cabin and our pipes can not handle too much paper so whenever possible try to dispose of dirty toilet paper in the trash receptacle.   THIS IS IMPORTANT.  THERE ARE NO EMERGENCY PLUMBERS IN THE AREA.
Heat-  In the winter heat is critical --- not only to keep you warm but to keep our pipes from freezing.  There is one heat control for the cabin and it is located on the right in the living room.   The cabin runs on forced hot air so it will get warm very fast.  Please adjust heat to your comfort level.
We will appreciate if you maintain the heat at 65 degrees on cool spring or fall nights.  This will allow us to conserve energy during your stay.
Fireplace - Sitting by the fire with a good book is very relaxing.  But before you use the fireplace please follow these instructions.
Step 1 -  remove guard
Step 2 - open flue located inside the opening (stick you hand in and pull lever up and back- the teeth will lock and it will remain open)
Step 3 - prepare wood on fire rack
Step 4 - light fire- (we recommend self starting logs, and sometimes we combine them with real wood for a long lasting fire).  PLEASE NEVER LEAVE THE CABIN WHILE YOU HAVE A FIREPLACE BURNING.
Step 5 - place guard in front of opening
You may need to collect or buy your own kindling.
Before you Leave  and Getting ready to CLOSE the Cabin
You will need to prep the cabin for closing, please follow the instructions listed below.
Water -  Must be drained- contact us for instructions!
Heat - Please leave the Heat set to 50 degrees
Fire place- Flue must be Closed before your leave the Cabin
Please make sure that the following is turned off
All the electric knobs on the stove are turned off.
Lights in the bathroom bedrooms, kitchen, and living room
Flue is closed
Hot water heater is off (electrical panel) and the
Lever is slowly pulled down above the hot water heater in the bathroom
all water is drained ( gauge should read 0 )
Open all faucets to drain.
Garbage is taken with you.
Fridge and cabinets are empty ( please do not leave food behind)
Must have during your stay:
Spring and Fall-  plenty of layers (sweaters, warm socks, hats, gloves snow shoes, warm coat)
Summer- Catskills can be quite chilly, especially at night even on hot summer days, remember to bring layers even in the summer.
You will most likely enjoy outdoor activities, so please remember to pack mosquito repellent.
Food, drinks, toilet paper, towel paper, soap, toothpaste, shampoo, and all necessary personal hygiene products.   
About the Cabin:
Air-conditioning The cabin is not equipped with air conditioning due to the mountain air the cabin is always cool but if you find yourself at the cabin during a heat wave we do have a portable fan that will cool the cabin as well as ceiling fans that can be turned on.  If you decide to open windows please make sure that the screen is down to avoid insects.  
Phone - Because of our location your cell phone will probably not work in Andes.  The Cabin is equipped with a phone for emergencies and local calls.  We do not have long distance service but you can use a calling card to make long distance  phone calls.  The phone has a built in answering machine - to listen to your messages just press play - to erase press erase twice. 
Dishes -  There are plenty of pots, dishes, mugs, bowls and plastic outdoor dishes in the cabinets.  Silverware is located in the drawer on the left side of the sink.  Coffee maker, smoothie machine, juicer and toaster oven are all located on the counters please we do ask that if you use theses appliances that you thoroughly clean them after each use as this will prevent  un-welcomed visitors. 
Cooking-  Our stove is electric  please double check that the range is off.  It is very easy to forget to shut off due to the fact that you do not see flames.      We do have a charcoal grill on the deck  if you plan to grill please make sure that you dispose of the charcoal once you are done ( FYI - make sure the coals are well away and off the cabin wood.  It is a very wooded setting and we donít want any forest fires).    We will provide you with a grill wire brush for cleaning after you cook.  Also do not leave food outdoors that will attract wild animals. (bear, coyotes, bobcats, etc.)   We have seen them before, and although we love animals, its best for them and us if we do not create bad habits for the animals.
Food -  please try not to leave exposed food on the counters this will welcome un-invited guest.  Please do not forget to take all your food from the fridge and cabinets when you leave.   
Garbage - because of the wildlife please Do Not leave garbage outside.
If you are staying for a week you can dispose of the garbage at the Andes Transfer Station located on Tremperskill Road.  ( open on Weds. and Sat. 8am- 2pm) 
TV & Radio - Our cabin does not get TV or Radio reception.  Our TV has a VCR and DVD player - feel free to enjoy any of our Movies or come prepared with your own.  
Please return all movies, CDs and books to their right place once you have finished with them.
Our Stereo plays CDís and cassette tapes.   Help yourself to our collection or bring your own.  We have the stereo ready to play an I-pod  as well.
Fire extinguisher - TBD - Please no candles or incense in the cabin
First Aid Kit - located in the bathroom on the right of the sink.
Food and Groceries:
Hogan's General Store-  opens  7 days a week, year round 8am - 8pm - If you forget something Hogan's is the place to go. You will find everything from firewood to milk and bread.
Tremperskill Country Store-      Year round 7am - 7pm with extra hours April through September 6am - 8pm.  Sunny and his mom run the country store.  We often stop by and buy pre- made meals her lasagna is to die for.  If you are around in the fall make sure to purchase one of her pies. (mm..mm..good) 
A & P Center of Town of Margaretville